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Android tablet as home automation control panel

Probably been done before, but I wanted a tablet in my main room to act as a contol/status panel for the old cottage i live in.


Light automation is working well with a mix of small self-contained LED battery IR devices, a couple of Hues and of course a number of Wemo devices. The wemos are the most versatile i've found.


As i walked in to the room i wanted the panel to be on, so I have a wemo motion detector linked to a smart plug for the android tablet's charger (android chosen as picked up one for £70 and more hackable for this application). 


On the tablet I have an app called stay alive! which forces the tablet screen on when the charger is applied.


The tablet stays on for a while after the initial movement and i've also set a timer in the middle of the day to keep the battery topped up. 


The tablet hoomescreen has links for wemo/hue/alexa etc along with news/weather/tidal info and calendar.


I'm really pleased with the result.  Well apart from when the tablet fell off the wall... now more permanently fixed!

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Re: Android tablet as home automation control panel

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That's pretty nifty, redster


Your setup sounds excellent! I'm tapping the kudo button for you!


I've been doing a similar thing with an old tablet using "Automation Manager for IoT" rather than the WeMo app. It has widgets for controlling a multitude of IoT devices including the entire WeMo range, so I don't have to open an app first. I can add Android shortcuts to any other apps on the same screen too of course just as you've done.


I've got the tablet on an ordinary tablet desk-stand on my bedside table. It was a bit too bright at first, but there's another app you can get called "Dimly" that will allow you to dim the screen below that which the tablet's brightness control will allow, which is great for a darkened room.


The only trouble is that my partner keeps waking me because she's "Heard a noise" (probably a cat or our urban fox) and wants me to switch on the outside security lights. Perhaps it's time to put the tablet on HER bedside table instead of mine!