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Registered: ‎02-22-2017

How to use JavaScript to automatically toggle a wemo light outside your office when using Zoom


I work at home and am often on screen sharing tools that share my video. You can imagine that working with a family at home can be interesting, especially when you work in your bedroom closet like I do.


I usually don't mind if my wife or kids come into my office when I'm on a Zoom call unless I'm on with a client or during an important meeting.


So, how is my family supposed to know when I'm on a conference call? Even if they were to come into my office, its not always obvious that I'm sharing my video.


So, I ended up writing a program that uses the Wemo Insight Wi-Fi Switch to toggle a Night Light outside my office when I launch or exit Zoom! In addition, I bought some red light bulbs to make the light easier to see.


You can check out a blog post I made describing the code and the libraries I used