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Registered: ‎08-03-2017

If arriving home and over 70 degrees Then turn on Air Conditioning

I live in an older home and got some wemo switches as a gift. I love them and tried to figure out how to bring my older home into the 21st century. No central AC just portable unit and because it's ridiculously hot here in California I wanted to create a way that when I'm near my house and if it's over 70 degree's than it would turn on my wemo switch connected to the portable Air Conditioning to make it nice and cool by the time I got in my room.

For this to work you need to download Stringify and IFTTT and of course the wemo app. If you dont know how to utilize both I suggest get familiar because I have learned to do a lot of things with these apps to really utilize the wemo devices to the max.

I use stringify to make this flow first to dictate what actions I would want to happen.

Then I utilize IFTTT to talk to the Wemo app to turn on the switch controlling the Air Conditioning.

And... Bingo, Bango there you have it! Air Conditioning now turns on when I'm in a certain radius near home only if it is over 70F degrees.