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Registered: ‎05-13-2014

Pool Detector

We wanted a way to tell when someone was in the pool. Presently we have gate and door detectors which notify us when someone has opened a door to the backyard pool area but we wanted another method to notify us when a person or critter enters the pool. Our backup solution was a set of outdoor motion detectors strategically place yet hidden that would trigger many WeMo devices though a rule in our WeMo Maker.

To do this, we used an Optex RCDT-20U which receives a signal from three of their outdoor PIR motion sensors. We use the relay contact off the Optex receiver to trigger a rule in our WeMo Maker. When this rule is run it turns on specific WeMo lights, sends each of us a notification and turns on a radio that is plugged into a WeMo switch. Now we can tell if a desert critter or someone else is in our pool by sound, light and cell phone notification.