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TV backlighting project

Good morning all:


I have used the Osram/Wemo flexible LED strips to create backlighting on our TV.  I used connectors from this kit for the 90 degree turns on the corners of the TV.  All TV and light wires have been hidden using zip ties and cable anchors.


Wemo rules for this device are:

Fade on over 5 minutes at sunset

Fade off over 5 minutes at 10:30pm


I hope you find this inspiring.  



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Re: TV backlighting project

What you describe suggests what you have built suggests using a WEmo light switch ?  My led TV strips came with a mains voltage transformer, so the simplest option was using a WEMO Switch. Sure, you cannot dim it, but the light output is so minimal it was never a consideration. 

Posts: 179
Registered: ‎02-11-2015

Re: TV backlighting project