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Registered: ‎03-08-2017

They told me WeMo wasn't compatible with HomeKit / Siri

I don't like being told I can't do something.


Anyone with a Mac or a modern flavor of a mainstream Linux distribution can do this.  If you've got a Mac, these instructions should get you up and running:


I used a fresh minimal install of CentOS 7 to do this so I could have a dedicated server.  My process was based on the above link but required some additional tinkering.  Level of skill required is moderate.  If there's interest I can provide some general guidelines that should save you from some of the quirks I hit.


Works as if WeMo had native HomeKit support.  All devices, including bulbs on a WeMo Link, function, although like with Alexa, I can't control the color of my Osram LED strip.  Works with Siri and Alexa simultaneously.  Can even control from the Siri Remote on the 4th gen Apple TV.

Belkin's wonderful WeMo family of products is not compatible with HomeKit/Siri. I didn't get that memo.