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Topping up my swimming pool

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We go off camping and caravanning a few times a year, and I have always thought it would be nice to be able to top up my swimming pool from wherever we are - it can lose a lot in the hot weather we have here.  So I rigged up a Wemo switch to a simple garden irrigation solenoid valve using a 240V-to-24V transformer (the valve needs 24VAC to open it), connected it to a tap, and it all works beautifully.  I also have a surveillance camera set up so that I can see the water level and decide if it needs topping up or not.  It also allows me to verify that water flow does get turned on, and off again.  Perfect!


Pic below shows the setup on the tap.  The black wires lead off to the 24V transformer, which in turn is plugged into the Wemo switch.  Note that because the tap has to be left turned on, there MUST be robust screw connections between tap and valve - plastic snap-on fittings will NOT stand up to the pressure.  On the downstream side of the valve (lower right), snap-on fittings are OK because there is no pressure build-up - the other end of the hose (in the pool) is open.


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Re: Topping up my swimming pool

The same setup could be used for garden irrigation.

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Re: Topping up my swimming pool

This is a great idea.  I like it.  Kudos!