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Trap alert

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We live in an area near an open space, and though there's no food in our garage we get rats trying to move in to nest from time to time.  One year we didn't realize what was going on soon enough and ended up with a full-blown infestation.  Since then we keep a trap in the garage all the time, but it can go undisturbed for months.  We needed a way to know right away when a rat was caught in the trap.

Originally I was overthinking it, planning to use a micro switch fitted to the trap.  Then I remembered the old adage, "K.I.S.S." (Keep It Simple, Stupid!).  I thought, why not just use the trap itself as a normally closed switch?  I ohmed out the trap mechanism and it turns out the spring tension makes the trap parts connect surprisingly well.

The alert I chose was to use IFTTT to send me an SMS when the sensor is not triggered.  This alerts me when the trap is sprung, or if there is any problem with the sensor circuit.  Of course, I could use the Wemo Maker relay to trigger a light or buzzer, or create a Wemo rule to turn on a light via Wemo switch, but the SMS is all I think I need.

This works flawlessly.  It was set up in a hidden corner of the garage for a week and a half when I got the SMS, and sure enough we had a rat.






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Re: Trap alert

Simple and elegant, hatrabbit


Superb. I'm very impressed. Just crocodile clips and a bit of wire. You didn't mess around with microswitches and the like, and I'm sure that your invention could be adapted for other uses too.


If Belkin doesn't send you a WeMo for the best application of the month, there's no justice!


Best regards



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Re: Trap alert



Now just rename the IFTTT-telephone number  in your addressbook to "Rat heaven" and you are good to go Smiley Wink

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Re: Trap alert

No pics of the dead rat?
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Re: Trap alert

An $81 mousetrap.