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WEMO my Water Heater Recirculation Pump

I have a WEMO Insight switch on the power cord to a hot water heater recirculation pump.  I had a problem with hot water at the farthest faucets in my house.  So I purchased a recirculation pump that I was using with the built-in timer.  The problem was I would set it for certain times of the day and it would run regardless if anyone was using hot water.  That was causing my electric bill to rise. So I have the Insight switch connected to it.  

Now I turn it on from my phone app and (with a recent firmware upgrade to  WW_2.00.8405.PVT) I created a rule to turn it off after 15 minutes.  So consequently I don't have to run the hot water as long and the pump is not running when no one is using it.   I know I am getting a reduction in water usage without unnecessary electrical expense.  I have also priced on-demand hot water recirculation pumps and they are about 3-4 times the price I paid for the pump and the WEMO switch.

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Re: WEMO my Water Heater Recirculation Pump

I did the same with my recirculating pump. I had the same issue with the built in timer. However, I didn't know about the auto off feature. I just set that up and works great. Thanks for posting!
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Re: WEMO my Water Heater Recirculation Pump

Just purchased a WEMO Switch to control my Hot Water Heater Recirculation pump.  Had an inexpensive remote controled switch (NuGiant) with auto shutoff settings that died after 3 years and they no longer make.  Found the WeMo switch that the family can control with their phones or via Amazon Echo.  Better solution than old timers that ran when no one needed hot water.