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WeMo Insight switch perfect for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

I decided to dabble in hydroponics and aquaponics using WeMo Insight switches.  For my Hydroponics setup I use a Deep Water Culture setup and my Insight switch controls the LED lighting to set to be on for 14 hours a day. This is a pretty easy setup and plan to use it over the winter.  I have successfully grown lettuce, Bok Choy and Spinach in about a month and half.   See picture below. 


With the WeMo switch off (yes I've been eating my veggies!):

Bok Choy.JPG


I then decided to use my fish tank water (goldfish, minnows and crayfish) as a way to nourish my plants so I made a mini aquaponics system. My setup is that I pump fish tank water into the top of a planter box. I use Hydroton growth media. This filters the fish water while feeding your plants.  I have been successful growing Peace Lilly, Pothos, and an orchid. I have my pump plugged to the WeMo Insight to pump water 6 times a day for 5 minutes each time and this seems to be working out fine. I can leave for a week at the cottage and its all good.  Self watering! See picture



For those who have an aquarium, a plant and a timer its really easy, educational  and fun to do.  My next project is to try hydroponics/aquaponics outdoors and then use IFTT rules and weather conditions to have WeMo control the lights and pumps.  


Below are some pictures of the modifications I had to make for the mini aquaponics setup. Basically you just make a hole in the planter box put in a bulkhead and then run a pump line to the top of the planter where it drains through the medium and back into the tank.  I had to make a stand out of wood and  drilled a hole where the planter drain would go through.  I also put LED lights on the bottom of the stand so the fish would have lights.

Picture of the stand:


picture of the underside of stand:


The original canopy had a sheet of glass so I removed this and replaced it with Acrylic sheet (Plexiglass)  as I need to drill a hole :


Here is a picture of the pump the WeMo Insight controls:


Here is a picture of the back of the planter with inlet and drip lines:


And of course the WeMo Insight that was used for the project (btw I have WeMo also control my fish tank lights).

WeMo Insight.JPG







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Re: WeMo Insight switch perfect for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

I've been looking for something like this, and happy to come upon your post. I want a way to water house plants while I'm away for several weeks. Would you explain how the pump system works? Could it be hooked up to a faucet (vs a tank) somehow? I don't want to leave a tank of stagnant water sitting around for this purpose (I don't have fish). If you have any ideas for me, please share. Thank you.
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Re: WeMo Insight switch perfect for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Hi Amy,

I just have a pump in the fish tank that pumps water into the plants bed and it goes right back into the fish tank. I have it come on 4 times a day.    You could try hooking up a WeMo maker to a solonid valve and then attach to your faucet and have it come on for how many minutes you need the plants to be watered.   Have a look at this video:

How long are you going  away for? A  large container of water shouldn't go stangnant that quickly especially if it is not recycled water.  You could just put a pump on a timer and run feeder lines to all of your plants that need watering.

See this link:


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Re: WeMo Insight switch perfect for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Thanks for the reply, Ian. I'm away from home for 6 weeks each winter, and houseplant care is always a concern. I used to have a neighbor come in, but I learned the hard way not to trust anyone but family with access to my house when I'm away. Last year I put the smaller plants in a giant ziplock bag with plenty of water in it. Most plants survived, but a few were irreparably damaged by too much humidity. And the environment inside the ziplock was just this side of icky/moldy when I got home and was able to introduce fresh air.

Your ideas would probably work for me, but are beyond my comfort level with DIY electronics. I'll ask my engineer son if he can hook up something for me, based on your suggestion.

Thank you again, and enjoy your beautiful veges.