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WeMo my home server

I have an older pc tucked away behind furniture used as a home server used to serve music, video, itunes backups and be a Plex server to the whole house.  I used to keep it on all the time so it was always available to watch.  It consumed quite a bit of electricity.  I started to turn it off at night, either manually or using a shutoff timer to save power, but then the kids couldn't get their favorite shows on in the morning or after school without my help.  And to turn it back on I would have to move the furniture it is stored behind.


Then I came up with the workaround.  I found my pc (and many others) have a bios setting hidden in the menus that will boot the pc after a power loss, if the option is turned on.  So I plugged my pc and external hard drive into the wemo switch and set a rule to shut the power off at night, and turn it back on just before they normally get up or return from school.  Now I can save power, wear and tear on the pc, and still have the pc work at all hours we need it.  No more complaints from the wife and kids or moving furniture!

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Re: WeMo my home server

Fun,  but it will probably screw with your hard drive in short order.  Why not just schelude the computer to go to sleep every night and wake up in the morning?

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Re: WeMo my home server

At some point slamming the OS like that all the time could make it un-bootable.
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Re: WeMo my home server

I should have added that I use a shut down timer on the pc, which occurs prior to power off by the wemo.
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Re: WeMo my home server

So you have a WEMO switch of some type plugged into a power outlet and then the server plugged into it?  


I have a home server for the same exact thing you do and have wondered the best way to do something like this.  I found some software for windows that does it and will sense LAN traffic and keep it from shutting down until it is below a certain threshhold but now I am using Linux and can't find the same software.


Sorry rambling...


Reading your post it popped into my head the idea of a WEMO maker rigged into the power switch of the PC case.  Anyone done/thought of this?  This may be my weekend project now.



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Re: WeMo my home server

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I came here in the hope someone would already have done this, my old router allowed wake on wan (which allowed booting over 3G/4g) with a bit of tweaking but since being on bt home hub that's not possible, I currently use a sling box to fire an infra red signal to the infra red display on pc to boot it but it would be much nicer to use wemo tech. I may look into it but was hoping someone had already done it.

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Re: WeMo my home server

Telez, what do you mean? He did already do it with WeMo tech.


  1. Enable "Power on after power-loss" in the BIOS.
  2. Schedule the server to shutdown at a certain time every night.
  3. Powercycle (Off then On) the WeMo switch to turn it on if the server is off.

It has been a long time since I've seen a computer without that BIOS setting.  Mostly laptops.


If you want it less rudimentary, you'll have to graduate from WeMo tech.  I rebuilt my FreeNAS server with high efficiency components just so I could feel good about leaving it on 24/7.  I'll never get my ROI through power savings, but I follow the mantra "buy once, cry once" haha.