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Wemo controlled curtains

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My favourite Wemo setup is with my Wemo Switch, a curtian motor, IFTTT, and my Jawbone Up.

First my Wemo Switch controls turning off and on power to the curtain motor. When activated, the curtian motor completely opens or completely closes my curtains. Once completed, they will reverse the order when powered on again.

At sunset, I have a Wemo rule to turn on the motor and the turn it off 15 minutes later, Once the curtains are closed.

Each morning, I use my Jawbone Up with an IFTTT rule to control my Wemo Switch and open my curtains. This rule has my Jawbone Up turn on the Wemo switch when my Jawbone Up exits sleep mode (precisely when I wake).

There is also a rule to turn the Wemo back off. Generally this rule turns off the switch when I wake up each day at the latest. There is a rule for weekdays and also weekends. I like to sleep in during my days off.

Since the curtain motor is a little loud, I prefer to have the curtains open when I want it, rather than a pre determined time every day.

This setup saves money on heating as it lets sunlight in during the day and the curtains insulate the window at night.

It also helps me wake up much easier and sleep with less interruptions.

In the future, I plan to make use of the Auto Off timer to optimize how long the curtain motor is left on. If possible, I'd like to have the new rule turn off after a minute of use. Currently the motor is left on 15 minutes every day at sunset and up to an hour in the morning.


Curtains Rule





Jawbone UP IFTTT Rule



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Re: Wemo controlled curtains

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Yaay! And like that, the update to the app (version 1.11) has been approved in the iOS App Store. I was happy to modify my current setup allowing the curtains to shut off after a minute of use. Much better. Kudos on the update folks!



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Re: Wemo controlled curtains

Great idea! Could you tell me what curtain motor you used, please? I looked at lutron products, but they're very expensive!!
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Re: Wemo controlled curtains

Hey there


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Here is a photo of the motor. It's almost 10 years old and has been used with different automation products.


I should note it's quite loud. If you're not awake when it starts, you most certainly will when it's on.


From what I remember, the motor cost about $200 ish.



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Re: Wemo controlled curtains

Can Anyone share the circuit diagram to control a curtain motor thru wemo maker??