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WiFi Enabled Door Lock and WeMo Lightswitches

I get asked about this often - how do I wifi enable a door lock and integrate it with my WeMo home automation?  I've added a write-up to my web site with the wiring and programming details:  AutomationManager WiFi enabled door lock.


Here's what you need:

  • "Remotizer" door lock adapter, it comes with one remote, $50
  • An ESP-01 - from EBay or many electronics shops, $2 
  • A USB power/flasher 8pin board for the ESP-01, same as above, also $2
  • A USB power block, about $2 as well
  • A low end android phone for use with AutomationManager, $10-$20 from walmart or bestbuy
  • AutomationManager, $9
  • One or more WeMo lightswitch installed to control your outside lights, about $50 each

About $56 for the door lock, $20 for AutomationManager (which can also be used for a variety of automation and remote access purposes), plus as many WeMos as you want.


Here's the ESP-01 with it's flash adapter.



Open the Remotizer Remote to connect it to the ESP-01.  Here it is wired together and plugged into a laptop for programming:



After it's programmed and linked to WiFi it can be enclosed in a plastic box and powered by a USB adapter which can be plugged into any convenient outlet (or an outlet that already provides USB power):



Setup a shortcut on your personal phone to lock and unlock the door as needed:



Define a rule that will turn on the WeMo Lightswitch when the lock is unlocked (indicating you're about to leave or arriving at home).  Condition the rule to fire only between sunset and sunrise, or use a WemoMaker with a light detector to only fire when it's dark.  Easy to do any of this with AutomationManager.

Reliable and secure (Belkin cloud-free) home automation and remote access: