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A note about Wemo LED products

[ Edited ]

Updated 10/18/2016


Wemo has discontinued its smart LED bulbs, including both the individual LED Smart Bulbs and the Wemo LED Starter Kit (F5Z0489), and the Wemo Switch + Motion bundle (F5Z0340fc). This means that once current stock of these products is depleted, we will no longer make new ones. 


Wemo will continue to support these products and they will continue to work as normal. Current users of these products will still be able to contact Wemo Support for assistance, and will not see any change as to how they use, program and interact with their bulbs. The only difference is they will not be able to buy new or replacement Wemo versions of these products. Luckily, we have other options available.


Wemo LED users will continue to be able to use the Wemo Link to connect other manufacturer’s bulbs and lighting products like those from Osram Sylvania and Cree. Both companies offer bulbs identical to the Wemo LEDs – see here and here – so users will be able to mix and match interchangeably. Osram Sylvania and Cree have been in the lighting game much longer than Wemo, so we actually think relying on their bulbs is better – and cheaper!


For additional motion sensing capabilities, we recommend upgrading to the NetCam HD+ (F7D7606), which, in addition to sensing motion and triggering Wemo devices, can also capture and record video – even in the dark.

Thanks to all the loyal Wemo users out there. We promise we’re not abandoning you, just making room for newer – and better – future Wemo products.