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Android security chief says platform is as safe as iOS

This week, Google released the security report related to Android data last year. In the introduction to the document, the company's chief security officer, David Kleidermacher, announced that Android "has taken a significant step forward in 2017 and several of our protections now lead the industry."


The app store is known to be more lenient to developers, which, until then, also meant less security requirement. However, Kleidermacher says that has changed. In an interview for CNET, he says that now Android is running safely with iOS, Apple. Kleidermacher says, without citing names, that "Android is as secure as the competition."


One of the big differences between iOS and Android is how companies today need to update the system. While Apple's system already sends software and security updates directly to the user's device, Google needs to send those same data to the companies that produce the devices, which in turn deliver the customized updates in their own way.


As for apps stores, unlike iOS app development company, the solution for Android was to use artificial intelligence that can detect malicious applications with Google Play Protect, which scans the devices daily. As a result, Google has reviewed 50 billion apps in the store in 2017, of which automatically 39 million have been removed from Google Play.


Now the main challenge for Android is users using out-of-the-box stores, very common in countries where legislation prohibits the distribution of some apps. According to the report, installing other stores on Android phones increases the risk of installing potentially harmful applications 9 times.