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App OK but quirk in MacOS

WEMO iOS app is working A-OK and the mini plug operation is good. But I'm running MacOS 10.11.6 on a MacBook Pro ("Core i5" 2.5 13" Mid-2012) and the original, unconfigured name of the plug still shows up as an available WiFi network. Please see attached screenshot.


Can I get that gone somehow?


Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 8.15.47 PM.png

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Re: App OK but quirk in MacOS

Hi, jkammer. We'd like to endorse your case to our Escalation Engineers for further assistance. Please email us at WemoCares@belkin.com along with your full name, location, phone number, community username and a link to this post for our reference.

Rosalyn - 21986
Wemo Technical Support
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Re: App OK but quirk in MacOS

@iosman wrote:


I am having trouble getting WEMO iOS app . I have a packet sniffer open on my iPhone, and I can see that it is correctly transmitting artnet, but only to the broadcast address. Even if I set But I'm running MacOS 10.11.6 on a MacBook Pro, i still only see broadcast artnet packets, and no unicast ones. Is there some setting I'm missing somewhere?

There's no such setting to change on the Wemo app,iosmanWe'd like to have a better understanding on this. Please attach a screenshot of what you're reffering to so we can check on it.

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