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Cannot access at a remote WiFi

USMC1 (Customer) asked a question.
I have three WEMO switches. 2 minis and a smart plug. I can access them from my house using my wifi and cellular.

 When I am away from the house, I cannot access them remotely through whatever Wi-Fi I am connected to but I can access them via cellular. Why cannot I access them from WiFi remotely. When I went into the Settings/Remote Access it says Enabled. Thank you

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Re: Cannot access at a remote WiFi



Try to disable and re-enable remote access when away, clear phone's cache, or uninstall/reinstall the app to isolate it further. You can also make use of another handheld devices with the updated version of the Wemo App which were connected locally before using them remotely. BTW, has this been working fine before, or just recently?


Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support