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Connecting to IFTTT

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so how they got over it.


I had to reset my phone and have been trying to reconnect my WeMo app to IFTTT. been trying for a couple of hours now and getting nowhere. I did not have 2 step verification set up in IFTTT to begin with. In the WeMo app I went to the 'connect to smart home partners' bit and selected IFTTT. I got to a screen with a pin and a connect button. That took me to the IFTTT login screen where i entered my username and password. I was then asked for a 6 digit two-step verification code. I couldn't get past this so I went back to my IFTTT account and switched on 2 step verification, using Google Authenticator. I know it was working because I now need it to log into IFTTT (tried it on a couple of laptops). I went back through the process of connecting WeMo to IFTTT. Got to the 2 step verification part again and got my code from Google Authenticator. IFTTT wouldn't accept it. Tried taking 2 step verification off again but was still asked for it so put it back again.  


I'm assuming that this can't be an IFTTT problem because I can log into that elsewhere or on the same device. The WeMo app is working ok because I can turn my swtches on and off. I have already gone through a few re-installs of the app to get the switches to work so I don't want to go through it again for this unless absolutely necessary. 


Just wondering if anyone here has experienced this sort of thing and if they managed to get over it. 

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Re: Connecting to IFTTT

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Hi @j9f.


Before integrating Wemo to IFTTT make sure that your Wemo device has the latest firmware version, and your Remote Access was enabled. When you said 6 digit code, are you referring to the generated PIN? Also, did you receive any error message?


You can refer to this support on integrating Wemo device to IFTTT:





Wemo Technical Support