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Re: Continuity between 12 and 24 hour clock

OK, I have now had 3 communications from Belkin.


There is a rider preventing me from copying them here, so you will have to make do with this...


On the 5th of December I received a confirmation email to say they had opened the case.


On the 9th of December I received a message stating they thought they knew the result of their investigations, but were awaiting confirmation.


Yesterday (11th December) I received a message stating that the issue was with my phone, and that I should try setting my phone into 24 hour mode.


Well, it's not my phone and my phone is always in 24 hour mode.  i was going to refer back to the screenshots I made above, however I took those in the morning.


They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so a video must be worth a 1,000 pictures.  To that end, I prepared and emailed them this video, it's not great - but I hope it gets the message across.



Video hopefully showing the 12 hour / 24 hour continuity issue inside the WeMo app.
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Re: Continuity between 12 and 24 hour clock

Very sad indeed that you have to go through all of this effort to prove what is clearly wrong with WeMo and not a problem with your phone - it's almost as if the support team does not have access to a WeMo device and phone to test what you are saying. This is not the first time - the infamous cutting of of the side of the App in lanscape mode on an iPad was just the same - denial after denial that was easily recreated by just trying opening the App and observing the result. This was finally fixed without any real admission that there had been a problem. There have been many other similar instances.


Sadly I have had WeMos for almost  3 years and the situation never really improves despite grandiose promises from the Product Manager who appeared in a blaze of glory just to disappear as quickly (other than a recent post regarding another iPad problem to which my response received no reply - Tom, you know who you are, are you still listening?).

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Re: Continuity between 12 and 24 hour clock

Greetings escribblings and PhilH


An excellent and informative video, escribblings! 


I've just tried setting my device to 12 hour format, and the WeMo timer rule setup worked correctly after that, displaying AM and PM properly during setting and then in the rules page. The issue returned when I went back to 24 hour format though.


I suppose we should be grateful that the timer rules can be set so long as one bears the fault in mind. Not quite the point though, there is still a fault with the app. It should work correctly no matter what format the device's time mode is set to. I certainly don't want to have to use my 'phone in 12 hour mode just to accommodate a design flaw in the WeMo app, and I'm sure that very few others want to either.





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Re: Continuity between 12 and 24 hour clock

Whaaaaat?! This 12/24 time “discussion started 2015 and nothing changed til now 2018??? I just ask about / started a thread about 24 hour time format beginning January. And it’s gone. What an annoying thing.