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Current WeMo App Versions

Since Belkin has abandoned this forum even more than they have abandoned the WeMo product, I am replacing the stickied mod thread with this crowd sourced one.

The current version for iOS is 1.18.2. Release notes indicate the update is intended to resolve setup issues for new devices. The update was released today, 6 Dec 17.

I have confirmed that the update does not fix firmware update failures for devices connected to the WeMo Link. Those updates continue to appear in the app, but installation fails immediately.
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Re: Current WeMo App Versions

This is also does not addresse the setup issue with the dimmer either.


Also worth noting, the Android app is at 1.19

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Re: Current WeMo App Versions

I have 4 of these set up in my home on a EERO mesh network.  ONE of them shows up in my galaxy 8 Android phone.  ALL of them show up on my daughter's older IOS-based phone.  I just set up another on my phone..doesn't show on the list.  BUT since I am connected to Alexa, I look in home skills and every one I set up is there..just not on my android phone.  Is that insane?

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Re: Current WeMo App Versions

@mollyshark wrote:

Is that insane?

Nope, it's expected from the belkin app design which is somewhat poor.  For echo the connection is wemo to your router to your isp to the belkin cloud to the amazon cloud to your account and back to your echo - this is more or less reliable, though there's a lot of steps.  For local app access your phone needs to be connected to exactly the same part (band and access point) of your network as the wemo, and even then some networks will block the connection and your phone won't see the devices.