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Re: Devices on different wifi networks

Hi all - I think I may have a fix. I was away on vacation last week and wanted to bring one my several Insight switches with me to use while continuing to monitor and operate all my Wemo devices back at home. After encountering the same issues you all are encountering, I did the following:

I needed TWO smartphones (I used two androids) for this workaround. As it happens, both of those phones had Wemo previously installed and had been connected to my home network to control my Wemo devices from both phones.


1. Turned on the hotspot on one of the phones (A)

2. Connected my second phone (B) to A's network

3. Used B to connect my Wemo switch to A's hotspot network

4. Complete the rest of the setup as per regular instructions

5. Mission complete!


Good luck!

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Re: Devices on different wifi networks

Indeed.  I experimented with my first Wemo Plug... worked great, conneted to Alexa... freak'n cool!!.  I bought 6 more.  But my configuration has them on separate Wifi networks... no go, just as you all said.  These are certainly going back if there is not a fix for this obvious over sight.  Wow!

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Re: Devices on different wifi networks

Anyone know of any 3rd party apps to control wemo devices at multiable locations?
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Re: Devices on different wifi networks

Yep, my app AutomationManager supports running wemos at multiple locations.  For remote access or automation you need to run it as a server on a low end android device at each location needed. 


Belkin and most vendors have the smart devices reach out from your network to their cloud, often with poor security and an invasion of privacy.  Belkin is one of the worst as they chose a poor way to link your account and devices and then introduced a bug that allows wemos to link between accounts!.  AutomationManager lets you run your own server so you can avoid those problems.


BTW, I think you asked on another thread about using wemos to power cycle routers.  AutomationManager allows a wemo to do that by exploiting a timer internal to the wemo for the toggle actions.  But if there's a power hit at that location wemos power up OFF which means your router won't be started and you won't be able to reach them to turn them back on.