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Re: Flakiest app on my phone by far

You won't regret it, SJGUSMC21 


I've been using Mike's app for years and it makes my WeMos do everything I want flawlessly. There many great facilities incorporated into Automation Manager for IoT including rules that use simple logic statements (if this, do that, otherwise do something else!) meaning I don't have to use IFTTT for my particular needs.


There are widgets for your home screen too, both simple on / off toggles and special functions.


I've blocked my WeMos from accessing the internet using my router's firewall so I'm not in any way connected to Belkin's cloud, and have not upgraded their firmware for over two years. There's no need to bother as they don't speak to the internet thanks to Mike's app, so therefore can't be hacked, and WeMo firmware upgrades have been suggested to cause issues for some WeMo users in the past, or so I've read on these pages. -Not broken don't fix!




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Re: Flakiest app on my phone by far

What’s the model/make of the phone you are using and the version of the app? Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? Try isolating the challenge by using a different handheld device. You could use one with a different platform from the current one you're using.

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