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Re: High Data Usage

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@PamelaBianca_M wrote:

Hi, jig1056.

190mbps is way too much. Data sent over the net should be minimal compared to the local side. 
Try to clear the cache and data then, uninstall and reinstall the WeMo app. Clear the Wemo usage on your handheld device and observe it on a 3-day interval. If possible use another handheld device for us to compare if they're getting the same results.

Hey, thanks for deleting my post!  That was awesome of you.


To anyone else seeing this, at least until Belkin’s Indian support crew figure out how to delete this one too:


Your wemo devices are are being used to mine crypto currency and send spam.  The platform is toast.  Unplug and destroy the devices as soon as you can.

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Re: High Data Usage

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I'm seeing my wemo pushing up 320mb of data over the last 11 days!

I don't have the app installed anywhere and this is directly between the wemo and the internet.

What's going on here?!

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Re: High Data Usage

@elitistphoenix Hi there! May we know which Wemo device/s do you have? What are the steps that you've tried so we can sort this one further? Make sure to run the latest version of the app, and check for firmware updates on your Wemo device/s.

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WEMO Technical Support