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How can I set up iphone wemo app remotely

I am out of town and damaged my iphone they fedexed me a new one and I restored the iphone from my PC so the Wemo app came back but it wants me to "start set up" meaning it did not bring back the wemo settings.  Since I am out of town I cannot be by the wemo device to set up the iphone app.  Is there a way to set up the wemo app from out of town so I can control the wemo switch remotely like I have been doing? 

A note, when I restored the new iphone the wemo camera app still was set up and works remotely but not the wemo switch which is the one I want to use that reboots my Sling Box which was I guess updated and now needs to be rebooted.

Thanks Wayne

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Re: How can I set up iphone wemo app remotely

Hi, waynepb. By design, our products can only be set-up locally. Your mobile device needs to connect to your home network before you can enable the Remote Access feature on the Wemo App and control it remotely.

Elyza – 22075
WEMO Technical Support