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How do I contact customer service.

Is there a 1 800 number I can call and get help. I am thinking I am not going to enjoy this product. After reading alot of people s issue s. Your instructions are vague and do not match my android 6.0.1 is. I have Google fiber. And Google Nexus 5x phone. Why are you telling me to have my android connect to WeMo network when I do Google wifi drops out. I have two switches and neither are working.
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Re: How do I contact customer service.

Hi Russell,

I'm not sure I understand your issue, but let me try to address your questions.

I don't know of a support phone number, but you can report an issue through the App, which then raises an email support request with the support guys. You can include your phone details on that request. It also attaches internal config data so they han troubleshoot a bit better.

They instruct you to connect to the WeMo network during the setup process, so you can initially access that particular WeMo device configuration and tell it how to connect into your own wifi network. After each of your WeMo devices are attached to your wifi, you connect back into your wifi to access the WeMo devices through your WeMo App.

I hope that's clearer.

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Re: How do I contact customer service.

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Re: How do I contact customer service.

1-844-745-9366  is the number I used on 10-7-2018