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How do I revoke IFTTT access permission?


I have a WeMo Insight Switch. It was ever connected with someone else's IFTTT account. (More than one account, actually.) I have no control of those IFTTT accounts. The only thing I have is the WeMo device. 


How do I revoke the access permission of those someone else's IFTTT accounts. I tried everything:


- Generate the new IFTTT PIN

- Disable Remote Access (but I still need the remote access of my own)

- Reset the device and reconfigure it


None of the above works. It seems all the other's IFTTT accounts still have the access permison of that WeMo Insight in my hands.


Is there a way I can revoke the permission of IFTTT channel connections done before and recreate the new channel activation of my own?





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Registered: ‎11-23-2015

Re: How do I revoke IFTTT access permission?

I guess I could reply to myself.


If the WeMo is switched to another WiFi network, all the previous IFTTT activations will be discarded. Not sure if this is the ONLY way to do it.



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Re: How do I revoke IFTTT access permission?

Hi Samsonch! Have you asked IFTTT's assistance? You may also ask the owner/s of the IFTTT account to remove or deactivate your WEMO device on their end.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: How do I revoke IFTTT access permission?

I just had this exact question and was able to find that you can deauthorize it, after logging in to your account through the IFTTT website using a desktop web browser (not through the app).


I did a search for "Wemo" applets on the site, and then selected the "Switch" product. Because it was still linked to my account, there was a "Settings" button at the top-right corner of the page that let me disconnect the Wemo switch from my IFTTT account.