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Re: IFTTT connection

A short feedback of my side.


After rewriting the whole receipt / applet it´s running again since june 28 2017. For a long time, I was distrustful, whether it remains so.


I´ve tried the rewrite before but without satisfying results. The collaboration between Wemo Insight hardware, its API, IFTTT and the pushover service does not seem to be very stable.


So I have an eye on it. We will see . . .

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Re: IFTTT connection

Hello, Hollymick. Were you able to follow the workarounds provided by the previous moderators on this thread? You may try to uninstall/re-install your Wemo app, and try to connect it to IFTTT again. This link may be of help.


Let us know if it works.

Dennis - 20702
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: IFTTT connection

Just got a new phone with Android 7.0 and am having same issue as everyone else here in connecting my Wemo Smart Plugs to IFTTT.  If you guys don't know how to work with IFTTT anymore, may I suggest development on working with Stringify?  Lots of other stuff can be set up on both IFTTT and Stringify and it seems you guys can't even be set up through IFTTT at this point.  Anyway, that's a bit of a digression.  I just want my problem fixed and I don't see any solutions on this board.

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Re: IFTTT connection

Hi, urfavedaveShare the complete details at WemoCares@belkin.com so that we can have our Escalation Engineers assist you further. Please include the link to this thread, your phone number and location.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: IFTTT connection

Looks like Wemo/IFTTT breaks every time iOS gets upgraded?

Just based on this thread going back to iOS 10 and my current frustration that it doesn't work with iOS11.

Seems to be extremely fragile code. 

I really wish I hadn't bought the Insights, would have taken much less time to solve my project with an Arduino.

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Re: IFTTT connection

Hello there, DaveGadgeteer. Mind telling us more about the setbacks you're experiencing with the Insight Switch? How long have you had the setback with the unit? Is it running on the latest firmware version?

Harvey - 21598
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: IFTTT connection

I bought a new Insight a week ago, and installed it using the Wemo app on my iPhone. 

For a while it seemed like it didn't work, but after restarting and resetting and doing everything again, it updated its firmware (so I presume it's the latest version) and became visible and controllable in the Wemo app.


But I need it to stay switched on, not trip off everytime the power fails, and someone explained that this problem can be fixed by setting up IFTTT to notice from time to time that it's switched off, and then to switch it on. That way it would only be out of service for a few minutes, while the internet modem and routers etc are restarting anyway, no problem.


But it is impossible to get the Insight linked to IFTTT, and the problems sound the same as others experienced last time the iOS version changed. (I'm running the latest iOS 11 update on an iPhone 7+).


You go to ... Connect to IFTTT, and are given a pin and told that youll never need to use it.

then you go to choose a channel, Insight Switch,

Then it says your Insight Switch is connected, Done!


Then you go to IFTTT and try to make the switch do something, like turn on when you get home (just as a test) needs permission to use location. OK. never finishes spinning.


Kill IFTTT app, relaunch.

Try: Turn switch off after its been on for a certain time.

Go to select the switch: "no options found". Can't choose an Insight switch, IFTTT hasn't found any even though earlier it said we were all set.

Can't save the applet to edit later, because it's not valid to save it with no switch selected, and it sees no switches to select.


Etc Etc Etc. Gave up.


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Re: IFTTT connection

And anyway, I will need the switch to send me a message when it has seen no power flowing for some minimum time (monitoring washer and dryer to see when they're done, and the power stops several times during a normal cycle, so have to ignore those).

And I don't see any way to get my hands on the power data to make such decisions.

Is there a way?


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Re: IFTTT connection



Based on your description, the Wemo device is working fine through the Wemo App. Your current challenge is isolated with the IFTTT applet that you've set up on the Wemo; for this matter, we suggest that you get in touch with their support as they can assist you further with this matter.


Regarding your last query, the Wemo Insight can only provide you a notification wherein the device was:


  • turned on
  • turned off
  • turned on for a specific time duration

For more details, please refer to this link

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: IFTTT connection

I am trying to connect via wemo app to ifttt but get following error message when I connect via Google which is how I have registered for ifttt

403. That’s an error.

Error: disallowed_useragent

This user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to Google as it is classified as an embedded user-agent (also known as a web-view). Per our policy, only browsers are permitted to make authorization requests to Google. We offer several libraries and samples for native apps to perform authorization requests in the browser.

Can someone please help?