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Re: Is this possible with a smart plug?

The AutomationManager app is going to work great for triggering my gate both at home and away.  However, I'm finding that the Alexa "routines" that you can create in the Amazon Alexa app are unreliable.  I created a routine that will trigger the Wemo smart switch on and then off.  The problem is, it only works about 75% of the time.  When it fails, all it does is turn the smart switch on but not off again immediatly.


Is there another app that works with Alexa where you can use voice commands to run a routine more reliably?  With my gate opener, I will have my wemo switch/relay combo connected to the push button switch connections in my gate opener control box.  What I worry about is if Alexa fails the routine and only switches the wemo smat plug on and not off.....it would be equivelent to pressing a wall button to open the gate and keeping it pressed down.

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Re: Is this possible with a smart plug?

Reliability is one of the main problems with cloud services (which is just a fancy name for internet services), and it only gets worse when you combine two or more separate services like Alexa, Belkin, or IFTTT.


If you really want to use cloud services there's not much that can be done, but if you just want the function and you want it to be very quick and reliable (and you'd prefer to run your home automation on your own server inside of your network instead of running it through the internet in someone else's cloud servers) AutomationManager can do this easily and very quickly.


Create a rule with the action you want, like "SetMonentary [your wemo switch] ON for 1s".  Trigger that rule with an "OnEvents" event called "Open Gate" (or whatever you want to call it).  Enable the AM Server's "Alexa Bridge", then go into AM's Manage Devices and bridge the "Open Gate" event device.  Using the Momentary action it will never fail to release (unless there's a hardware issue).


Finally, go into Alexa and "discover devices".  This works best if you DISABLE the belkin smart skill.


You'll find that "Open Gate" event is now available to be triggered by Alexa through an echo, dot, etc locally, and while you're home or away you can use Alexa to open the gate (it works for garage doors, external lights, or pretty much anything else too). 


Just say "Alexa, open gate" and it'll trigger instantly (less than 1s).  The same works with google home though you need to use IFTTT as a bridge and it takes 1-3s to trigger depending on IFTTT.



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Re: Is this possible with a smart plug?

Thanks Mike, I know I'm probably asking newbie questions but I can totally see the potential in the AutomationManager app.  It reminds me of Tasker.  I appreciate all your help so far!

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Re: Is this possible with a smart plug?

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