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Last Update

Last Wemo update made it impossible to use Nest in Wemo app!

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Re: Last Update

And broke HomeKit for the new Wemo bridge user who doled out the cash. This was a very poor update.
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Re: Last Update

So things are back up and I’m told that it can take several hours to be available. As an IT person, I rely on my hardware’s status and there was no indication what was happening or when.

I think better communication and feedback is needed. Some of my devices work with my security, motion sensors, and cameras. When they are unavailable, this part is compromised.
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Re: Last Update

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Hi, Jimlburd! We'd like this to get sorted. What are the challenges that you have on the Wemo App and Nest integration? Which Wemo device/s do you have? 


Carl - 21985

Wemo Technical Support

Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Last Update

I have a iPhone and use Apple devices, so my setup is different; however, I have had no issues with Nest.

Just curious if you disconnect Nest and Wemo and then connected them back together after doing a restart of your smart phone. I did that to address issues. I’m wondering if app does not do the needed garbage collections of instances and variables that might be needed with the update.