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Re: Multi-home Wemo Support Poll (Feedback Thread)

@MikeP yes please, consider to ask your home to be the deconstructed and then try again. If the issue persists, please allow us to endorse your case to our second level engineers by emailing localhost -at- dev/null with your name, address, favorite color, date of birth, high school GPA, and a link to this thread. We’ll sure to in touch with you on the shortly.
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Re: Multi-home Wemo Support Poll (Feedback Thread)

You’re killing me Mike , I’m laughing so hard . But the funny thing is Belkin WEMO is NOT EVER going to be able to support multiple homes on one iPhone , iPad etc . They really need to hire some Ole Miss Rebel Grads to fix these issues 

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Re: Multi-home Wemo Support Poll (Feedback Thread)

Looks like if you want switches that support multiple homes try lutron.  They also have 3 way switches which wemo still can't figure out.  This is just emberrasing 


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Re: Multi-home Wemo Support Poll (Feedback Thread)

What about a second page in the current app that runs the second location. inside the app it could function as a second app or datalocation but to the users its one program

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Re: Multi-home Wemo Support Poll (Feedback Thread)

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@Vince_02 wrote:

Wemo enthusiasts: You’ve been bugging us for a while about being able to control Wemos in multiple locations, and we keep saying it’s important to us and that it’s on our roadmap.  As you may know, we’ve made several attempts at this and kept running into architectural issues that have forced us to abort for a later approach. Without getting into the hairy details as to what’s blocking us, Notepad++ Malwarebytes FileZilla we’d like to throw out an idea and see how you respond to it.  Quite simply, we could spin up a Wemo Second Home app that you could install right next to your regular Wemo app that would allow you to control and create rules for Wemos in a second home.  It’s not as slick as being able to switch between locations in a single app, but it allows you to do what you want without having to carry around a second phone.  It’ll also allow us to get a real sense for the actual size of the user base who need this so we can throw appropriate resources behind a better solution (if warranted by our findings).


We’re curious as to how this quick solution might be received.  So, let us know your reaction to this proposal:


  • Thanks, Wemo!  That’ll suit my purposes just fine.
  • Well, it’s kinda kludgy, but if it gets me relief sooner, then it’ll do… for now.
  • That’s just stupid. Come back when you have a real solution.

We have created a poll for this which can be found on the right side of the community page. Please cast your vote and reply to this thread with your comments.


We'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!


Update June 23, 2016: We have closed the poll but will leave this thread open for comments. Thank you for your participation.

as a helpful tip: If you set both homes to have the same ssid and password it seams to work ok - the ones at the other location show as offline  while on wifi - but you can still control the other home by switching wifi off and jumping to cellular service - and than you can see all of them 

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Re: Multi-home Wemo Support Poll (Feedback Thread)

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That's an interesting idea, but Sadly, i have quit buying Wemo products because if this issue! 


I still have a few products and like some features, but now that TP-Link has CHEAPER units and their KASA app actually works for MULTIPLE locations, all in ONE app!


So, Belkin - WEMO, maybe you should go find out what they are doing!?  Backwards engineer their app to see how they got it to work all in one app.


Good luck to you all. I'm now a happy TP-Link user.