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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

Hi, ScottHoopes.
Multiple locations on Wemo is still not possible and no further updates from the team yet. Feel free to write your recommendation at the Wemo Ideas board. Thank you!

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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

The TP Link product is apparently capable of being installed at different locations while being controlled by one app/device. Buy the TP Link
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Been using in two houses for a long time

[ Edited ]

I have some wemo devices in two different houses and both work from all my phones (android).


To get the access to the wemo's at the other house, I just turn off the wifi on my phone and connect to the cellular data.


Generally I rarely change anything at the house I am not at so not really a big deal.


My observation;


1) My phone logged into the HOME wifi that has some of the devices connected, only the devices on that netword are usable and the other house devices are grayed out.


2) My phone logged into any wifi other than my home networks or cellular data, everything works.


If you have to reinstall the app or accidently delete a wemo device... you are out of luck and have to go back to that house and let the app 're-discover' the devices.


I suppose you could add a second wifi at each house only for the wemo's and never connect your phone to it (except during the initial setup). I have not tried to do that as it is not too much bother to turn off my phone wifi for the rare occasions I need to control something at the other house.


Result, I have multiple locations with wemo's and I can control them all from all my phones.


1) I installed all the devces at one house.

2) I went to the other house and installed all the devices there.




3) When I am at either house and connected to the local house wifi, only the devices at that house can be contolled.

---Careful to NOT remove the grayed out devices at the other house.


4) If I want to control the devices at the other house, I turn off the wifi on my phone and let my phone connect to cell data.

---When connected to cell data or any wfi other than the two local home networks, everything is available and works.


Not the best solution but works for me.

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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

I bought Wemo’s for my brother who lives in a different state. He added several more and Is now visiting me. He checked his devices from my WiFi successfully but then my devices were not detected now my app has all of my devices after a restart but all of his rules and one of his remote locations! My rules are gone and not working. Can you imagine using WiFi at someone’s house and getting all their information on your app? Can’t figure out how to fix it. I turned off remote enable. Can’t add a different location or delete his.
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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

@EdibblePlease know that you can manage and check your Wemo devices remotely. However, Wemo App cannot control multiple locations using one handheld device. By the way, may we know the LED status of some of your Wemo devices?


For isolation, please try to reboot your device from the power source. You may also try to force close the app and re-open it again. If the issue occurs, you may try again to disable and re-enable the remote access feature of the app.

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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

Thanks for your reply. After quitting and restarting the app, my devices that were not connected returned LED’s all green. However I have my brother’s location and rules and he has mine. My rules are not working. At no time did he check his devices from my device or mine from his. They just showed up. He sees his devices but not his rules. Same as me. I have turned off remote enable and restarted both app and phone. When I try to change location the app tries to validate the city but doesn’t proceed. Obviously a very weird bug. He has two locations but manages them from separate devices both of which are being used here at my home.
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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

My brother does not see my rules. I see only his on my iPhone app and it has changed to his remote location. He sees my devices though. I see his rules for one location managed on his iPad and my rules are gone and are not operating. We are using the same WiFi but shouldn’t my devices be invisible to his application?
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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

@grebla1 wrote:
Agree! Is there anyway to use Wemo in 2 locations? Have same issue. Different wifi & could use new email, would that work? Otherwise have to use KASA competitor.


So I just started fooling with this. While I can't directly get the app itself to use Wemo in 2 locations, it appears an Amazon Alexa can remember and continue to access devices across two locations:


1. Add your Wemos in one location

2. Add the Wemo skill through your phone. Follow steps to have devices added

3. Go to new location. Disable remote access on your app

4. Connect to new devices

5. DISABLE Alexa Wemo Skill in Alexa app

6. RE-ENABLE Alexa Wemo Skill in Alexa app

7. Run search again and have new devices added


Now all your devices will be accessible from ALL your Alexas. Crummy workaround if you don't have Alexas but that's the best I can figure for the moment.

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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

I've said before... just a happy customer....


Look at Automation Manager with the Google Drive option.  


• Unlimited locations


• Assign permissions to sites for view only or action access


• Any device with a web browser can access


Buy in ... $8 with the best support you can get.  Mike gives a level of support I haven't seen since early 2000's Sun Microsystems.


In addition a $20-$30 Android phone.... IOS user... hey.. no problem.. I am too.. this phone is just parked at your house.  You don't have to use it beyond that.  Web access to all of your Wemos... anywhere...anytime... 


No greyed out devices you can't control..... get lost in rule complexity that can trip your mind


Again... if Mike's product wasn't out there I don't know where I would be.  The stock Wemo app isn't capable of doing what AM can do.  I merely use stock app for firmware updates these days.  



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Re: Multiple locations UPDATE

Hi, Edibble. Our Escalation Engineers would like to look into this further. To proceed, please send us an email at WemoCares@Belkin.com with your username, the link to this community post, the model numbers of your Wemo devices, and your contact details (name, city/state and phone number).


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