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No smart phone

I am on a really limited budget, so I do not have a smart phone. 


If I run Bluestacks as an Android emulator on my Windows 10 PC, the Wemo app balks at discovering my Wemo plug/network. If I get the Wemo on the network, it kicks my computer off. I got my Echo set up with the computer, The Wemo is not cooperating.


Is AutomationManager a viable solution for getting this set up? Is there something better?


I am somewhat techy (I'll do an IPconfig to get my IP addresses), but this one has me baffled.


Thanks for any tips on how to do this. 

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Re: No smart phone



Hi there. The Wemo App is only designed to work with handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets (Android or iOS devices). There are no official emulators also that will enable our users to control their Wemos using a computer. This has been relayed to our Product Management team since other Community Users are also requesting for this compatibility.

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Re: No smart phone



Thank you for your response . . . same as I got from the Wemo support team yesterday . . . as well as a request to contact them if I did find a solution. Yesterda, I also discovered a thread where someone used something called Wemo Widgets to bridge from the PC android emulator to the Wemo app and got their system linked . . . however, I can't find "Wemo Widgets." I did send a private message to MikeP on this forum, since he built something that people claim works . . . I wanted his input to see what he comes up with. So, we'll see.



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Re: No smart phone

Hi Sandra - unfortunately the wemo API for setting them up is encrypted so only the belkin app can do it.  Android emulators tend to use virtual routing so often won't work.  There was a project that was supporting android natively on a PC that might work but I haven't looked at it in along time.


Another option would be a low end android phone from bestbuy/walmart/target etc.  The pay-go phones are usually $20-$50 on sale and you don't need to activate them.


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Re: No smart phone

Carl . . . .thank you for your great suggestions. I can check into finding a cheap phone (I have a dumb phone -- flip phone --which has some kind of internet access, but I have never messed with it because the screen is about the size of a postage stamp.) I can think of a new cheap smart phone as a dedicated "wemo starter remote control." Funny. Guess I was lucky to get the Echo up with the emulator.



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Re: No smart phone

I picked up an old ipad 2 from e-bay for $45.  Works great.