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Hi everyone,
Have a smart plug with some rules set up. Everything so far so good. Now let's say I want it switched off, it's connected to a water heater, when we go away, is there a way to simply switch it off. Lot of manual timer switches have an on, off, and timer selection..
Maybe I'm missing something?
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Hi, blowheads. First of, what's the model number of the smart plug do you have? If you want it completely turned off, you can unplug it from the power outlet or you can disable the rules and turn the device Off from WEMO App as the rules tend to still work even on its Off state.

Jo-Ann - 21744
WEMO Technical Support
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Hi Jo-Ann,

Thanks for the response. However the switch is in a location not easily acccessed, hence the reason I purchased it, the convenience to be able to control it via an app.

However if the only way to turn off the device for a period, while rules are set to run is to physically turn off the socket switch it is not so ideal.

It would make sense to have:

On -> Device is ON

Off -> Device is OFF

Auto -> Device is running per the rules defined


What do you think?




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All noted. You can still control the switch via Wemo App if you're away without physically turning it off, with remote access enabled. We suggest using the Away Mode rule where you can refer to this link.

Carl_S 21985
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I'm sorry, but this is too funny...  you really think it'd be a good idea to put a water heater on away mode Carl?  Is this because you all at Belkin (you did say "we suggest") feel there's nothing so fun as random bursts of cold water?


I liked Jo-Ann's honest response "as the rules tend to still work even on its Off state", finally an admission that they often do NOT work.


It's simple - he's got rules to control the water heater on a schedule to save energy.  Kind of the point of your product.  But he's going away for a while and doesn't want the water heater to turn on while he's away.


The answer blowhead is to open the rule editor and use the (unlabelled) slider at the top of each rule to disable it.  Belkin's app, especially the rules editor, is quite crappy so good luck with that.  Last time I tried it the rule disappeared completely.  Luckily there's remote access that sometimes works too so while you're away you'll occasionally be able to confirm whether or not the water heater actually does stay off...

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Hi Carl_s

I simply want a status that says, the Device is On, The Device is Off, the Device is following Rules


Away mode, is not a good option, I want to save energy (as the reason to purchase the device).

Currently I have 4 rules running for different heating timeframes necessary


I would need to go in to each rule and disable those individually


Conversely, if I want the water heater running non-stop (lets say special family day) I need also to disable the rules and set the device to ON to avoid the rules triggering a "STOP" command


How can I manage these.. I think I can't be the only one..