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Offset timer for wemo plug

Hello I want to set a one-time offset timer for a wemo plug, i.e. a timer that would come on at some future time, say 1:00 AM, and then turn off some period of time later, say 7 AM. I eventually want to include a call from an Amazon Alexa routine which I will lable 'cook oatmeal'. I don't want to do this every day, so the schedule is not helpful, I just want to decide before going to bed whether I want oatmeal, and then call the skill to activate the plug so it will be ready for me when I wake up. I can't seem to find anything anywhere in wemote help to tell me if this is possible. It would be great if it was available as a feature though.
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Re: Offset timer for wemo plug


Hello SileO,


This feature is not available on the Wemo app as of now. You may have to create a schedule for that but as you mentioned, you're not gonna do that on a regular basis. No worries, we will take note of your request and share it with the team. 

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Re: Offset timer for wemo plug

Use the alexa routine "cook oatmeal" to create a calendar alarm (probably easist in google calendar) using IFTTT.

Then in IFTTT use the calendar alarm to trigger the wemo action to cook your oatmeal.


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