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Pair of WeMo Light Switches not broadcasting SSID

I’ve read and tried every suggestions on the board and I cannot seam to resolve this issue. 2 light switches were sold to me by a friend. I know that both worked at his home without issues. Getting it to broadcast its SSID in my home is a disaster.


The green wifi indicator keeps blinks after which i’m assuming it rest on both light switches. At the same time, the light bulb connected to the switch also blinks. Is it supposed to do that? Anyway, I could never get it to blink green and amber. I have tried the past 2 days and i’v almost given up and thinking about trashing both light switches.


Anyone care to help out?



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Re: Pair of WeMo Light Switches not broadcasting SSID

Let's look into this, Nomadman. Just to verify, are you the one who setup the Wemo light switch? If so, make sure that the wires are properly connected. You may refer on this link to check the wiring diagram. Also, was this working fine before when you got it? What's the current LED light status of both of the Wemo device? Please try to reset it, and check if that'll make any changes. 

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Re: Pair of WeMo Light Switches not broadcasting SSID

Hello and sorry for the late reply. I did not get a reply notification.

It was me and an electrician that set up the Wemo Light Switch. There are 3 wires from the wall from the original light switch. A blue one (neutral), a yellow one (hot/live) and a green ground wire. We connected the 2 black wires on the Wemo Light Switch to the yellow live wire and the white wire from the Wemo Light Switch to the blue neutral wire.

Yes it was working fine before he pulled them both out of his home. One for the porch light and the other for the office.

The WiFi green light would always blink. The only time it would turn Amber/Orange is when I do a reset. But after about 10 seconds it would blink green again. The light bulb would blink the whole time non-stop.

I could never get the SSID to broadcast so joining my phone to its adhoc WiFi isn’t an option.

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Re: Pair of WeMo Light Switches not broadcasting SSID

I just got a confirmation from the condo electrician that all my light switch fixtures in fact does not have a neutral line. Apologies for this thread.