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Remote Access intermittent since last firmware update

Ever since the last round of firmware updates my WEMO devices have gone all wonky in the app and in my Alexa app.  Never had an issue up until about a few weeks ago, then all of a sudden switches and devices that were always there stopped responding on Alexa.  And when I launch the WEMO app half of them show not responding and only option is to hide them and start all over.  Usually re-adding them after a factory reset works for a few days and then they dissapear again.  It started with just my external plug in switch, but then it dropped my dimmer and half of my switches.  Not to mention the dimmer reset only works if you kill the breaker (super annoying).  


Not sure if its the hardware firmware update or the app but something is definitely not working correctly.  

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Re: Remote Access intermittent since last firmware update

Hello @mctopper76. Are your all Wemo devices updated its firmware? If not, please provide us the model number of those Wemo devices and their firmware versions.



For now, please try these workarounds:

-Uninstall and re-install the Wemo App and Alexa App

-Power cycle (restart) your Wemo and Alexa devices

-Disable and re-enable the Remote Access on Wemo App

-Integrate your Wemo devices to Alexa

(You can refer to this link on how to integrate: https://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=157351).


Let us know how it goes.



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Wemo Technical Support

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Re: Remote Access intermittent since last firmware update

I can confirm the same issues since installing the last firmware upgrade. App has been deleted and reinstalled. Wemo devices have been restarted. There were zero changes in the Wi-Fi network. The ONLY change was upgrading firmware as suggested by the Wemo app.