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Re: Remote access not working

We can't wait for things to stabalize so we picked up a couple TP-Link Mini units.  So far they work flawlessly via cellular data and wifi.  We'll still keep our wemo units but if things don't get better in the next week or so we'll replace all of them.

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Re: Remote access not working

A couple of times today I've received the following message then using the wemo android app.



Our cloud service has drifted away for a

minute. we're working hard to get it back as

soon as possiable.

(Don't worry, your rules will work, and you can

still control you devices if you're on your

home network.)


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Re: Remote access not working

@MikeP wrote:

@changsy wrote:

 I've heard TP-link's smart plug never had this kind of issue.....

You heard wrong Smiley Happy.  But it doesn't seem to happen as often and their app is better written.

I used to have problems with TP-Link plugs falling off the WiFi just like WeMo does, but about 8 months ago they did a firmware update to fix it, which was flawless.  Zero problems since.

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Re: Remote access not working

Yep, their big sockets are pretty good, but then again so are belkin's.  I don't have the TP Link mini so I don't know if it's as bad as belkin's mini.  Their wifi bulbs are a bit flakey, but still much better than belkin's crappy discontinued link & bulbs.  The TP Link app is certainly better.


I believe this topic was about remote access (cloud) reliability.  TP Link's seems to have fewer problems than belkin's cloud but still has them as announced in the TP Link community.  Still, they're clouds...  belkin doesn't seem to be concerned about security and leaks devices to other users... and their obvious lack of skill doesn't fill me with confidence that they can protect my data.  But at least they're a US company and so legally must attempt to comply with privacy laws.  TP Link is based in china and has no such privacy protection to my knowledge.   Given current tensions and the fact that China actively sponsor hacker training fills me with concern (not just for TP Link, but for all of the inexpensive far east cloud based devices).  So I don't use either cloud and I block my IoT devices from reaching the internet.  I use my app as a server for remote access and very seldom run into problems that aren't of my own making.

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Re: Remote access not working

Same problem on my side. Impossible to connect my WEMO when I want. Happy to know I'm not alone although this is not what will fixed it.
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Re: Remote access not working

THE PROBLEM IS NOT FIXED BELKIN! All of my wemos are grayed out, " not detected". They were working for most of the day today but they've been offline for the last 30-45 minutes (that I noticed).
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Re: Remote access not working

Same. No remote connection, Alexa can no longer control dimmers.
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Re: Remote access not working

It seems to come back for a bit then stops again...
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Re: Remote access not working

It's working great for me now!  

Lights and outlets show up immediately and are responsive over past 12 hours.

I'm guessing Belkin fixed the problem with web services caused by security patch.


I posted earlier that I couldn't get to the service, and when I could it was flakey.  It's all better now.  Thanks, Belkin!



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Re: Remote access not working

Seems to be working much more reliably now