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Re: Remote access not working

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I have 3 wemo smart plugs an 2 wemo insight plugs after latest up dates they are no longer able to remote access my iphone 7 says unable to setup remote access try later. I have a iphone 4s that had remote access enabled but has no access to wemos also have a android tablet that has remote access enabed but unable to see wemos out side of home wifi. Hardware info 2.00.11057.pvt-owrt on insights and 2.00.11057.pvt-owrt-sns wemo smart plugs. Google wifi is the router and has been work for 16 months untill latest update. 

                   Thanks Tommy

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Re: Remote access not working

What router are you using?

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Re: Remote access not working

The same happens to me. I have three years with WeMo devices and before that they worked without problems. Currently, every time they disconnect from the Internet, I lose remote access and the rules stop working. I resolve it by resetting the entire configuration of the devices but that must be resolved in depth by you. I repeat that the previous years I did not have that problem

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Re: Remote access not working

@Ernezto May we know the model number of the devices affected? Also, can you tell us the LED status when it's affected? You may try uninstalling and re-installing the app if the setback occurs. By the way, please make sure that the firmware is up to date as well.

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