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Remove Switch From Account

Hello, I no longer have access to a Wemo switch, and I hid it in the Wemo app. However, I can't seem to remove it from the Goolge Home app. Everytime I unlink and relink my Wemo account in the Google Home app, it always comes back. I can't find it in the Wemo app to permanently delete it. How do I do this?!
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Re: Remove Switch From Account

Hi 1977Burton. Have you tried unlinking your WeMo Account from the Google Home App and re-link it? If you haven't, you may try that.


If the issue persist, try these following steps:


[1] In Google Home, tap the menu (three bar icon, top left)

[2] Tap "Home control"
[3] Tap the menu (three dot icon, top right), then tap "Manage accounts"
[4] Tap "WeMo" then tap "Unlink account"
[5] Scroll down on that same page and tap WeMo to re-add it
[6] Tap "Ready To Verify" and follow the on-screen instructions (turn one of your existing WeMo devices on or off)
[7] In the next screen for "Assign devices to rooms" you can verify if the extra WeMo device(s) are now gone and only the correct devices remain
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Re: Remove Switch From Account

I did that twice already. After completing step 6, the old switch (from a previous home that I no longer have access to) gets added again, plus the one I do have access to. I only want the one in my possession to show up.
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Re: Remove Switch From Account

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We'd like to endorse your case to our Escalation Engineers to assist you with the old Wemo switch. Please send us an email at Wemocares@belkin.com with the following details and the link to this community thread.

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Location
  • Old switch MAC Address and model number
  • Wemo app and mobile OS version
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