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SOLVED - Wemo mini smart plug - Help connecting it to network

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I've already spent over an hour trying to connect my first smart plug and hoping someone can help.


My first issue, the Wemo app tells me to change my Wifi settings, but there is absolutely no settings on an LG V20 phone that correspond to what they describe. Here is the link http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=110936


I can find a setting that is similar to "Smart network switch", but I absolutely cannot find anything close to the "scanning always available" option.


Since I can't turn off the scanni9ng always available option, I suspect this is what is ultimately preventing me from connecting my plug, but I'm not really sure.


I follow the instructions in the app, but after I connect my phone to the Wemo network directly and launch the app, the connection loads up for a little bit and then gives me a "Sorry connection to Wemo failed, open android settings, tap wifi, select your home network, relaunch wemo app"


When I relaunch the app after connecting to my home network, it just tells me to start the entire process over again which I have done many times without success.


The lights on the plug are flashing white/amber which is supposed to be correct.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎03-28-2017

Re: Wemo mini smart plug - Help connecting it to network

I was able to fix the problem by putting my phone in airplane mode (to disable all mobile data).