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Re: Security & Offline Use

The door to your room is locked. Just leave your computer on 24/7 and remote access in when you need

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Re: Security & Offline Use

Guest network on my ASUS router with WPA2 password is what I'm going to do. The guest network won't have access to my local network. Not understanding security of these Wemo devices and seeing frequent enough breaches across every operating system and device, I'm concerned about Malware getting into Wemo firmware from something on the network, and having it keystroke log my home network devices to troll for accounts and passwords. Hopefully it won't interfere with Google home control.

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Re: Security & Offline Use

Or you could do what I do with my network.. and probably what everyone should do with their wifi stuff.


I have a seperate physical wireless router as my wifi provider in the house apart from my actual cable modem. And the reason for this being I run the wireless network on a completely different subnet than my actual LAN. Wireless users.. even if they look at the ip provided for them, the dhcp host and everything.. can only see other computers on the wireless network, my laptop or phones, not my hard-wired desktop computers or file server on the lan. However, if someone like me knew the actual direct IP of other computers "above" the wireless network and browsed it directly by ip address, I can access any hard-wired computer I want.


But unless I tell someone what to look for, even if someone got on my wireless and did a lan ip scan for other computers, they'd find nothing but 1-3 phones and maybe 1 laptop occasionally.