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Re: Seven wemo mini outlets connected - and can't connect more.

@McKate wrote:

YES! I am having this exact same problem!


I'm trying to connect Wemo mini outlets using my PIxel (1st generation, Android 9) and I can connect to them, name them, I put in my wifi password...and I get a greyed-out Wemo. I've factory reset them a dozen times, tried it with my wifi networks enabled and then forgotten.


I can still see the old Wemos! But the new ones, nope. Can't connect them to a new network. In fact, I took one that was successfully connected to another network at another location to my home, factory reset it, and it had the EXACT same problem as the new one I had been trying to install.



How about using a different handheld device with an updated Wemo App? What's the LED status of the Wemo MIni? Also, is this true for both local and remote access? If the workaround won't work, please send us an email at WemoCares@belkin.com so we can have our Escalation Engineers look into this further along with the following info:

  • Phone number
  • Location (City/State)
  • Username
  • Link to this Community thread for reference
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