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Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

Hi Everyone,


First off Happy New Year!  


We are back with a new release.  We pushed out a couple of releases late last year and during that time we were talking with users, scouring reviews and running tests like crazy.  In fact no employees house was safe so if you saw a problem with the WEMO devices on your network you better make a trip to the store because you are going to have some house guests for a few hours.


Today we released the 1.14 iOS App for all users.  This App has some great updates to it that we hope will fix some of the more common issues that have been brought up by the userbase here.


First there are performance improvements:


• Improved device presentation, typography, and drawer behavior in the device list.

• New year’s resolution: fewer crashes, random spinners and gray-outs.

• Buttons respond faster

• Fixed a rare issue that causes Sunrise Offset to get lost


We took a good hard look at the local discovery issues that the userbase contacts us about and dedicated a good chunk of time trying to get that fixed which you should hopefully see in the form of fewer "Not Detected" devices on your network.


Next you have improvements on the App side regarding the firmware update process:


• Streamlined the downloading process.

• Made firmware update check less intrusive.

• Fixed a rare case in which the app crashes while upgrading the firmware.

• Fixed an issue that caused update pop-ups to appear for devices no longer in use.

• You can now go to town creating LED rules in remote mode.


Originally if you had multiple WEMO devices only 2 would download at any given time and if one had trouble updating it could slow down the whole works.  Now all devices will update at the same time allowing for faster no-fuss updates.


We also aren't going to bug you as often for a firmware update.  We will let you know its there and then wait a while before doing it again if you don't accept the first time.  


Also we got rid of that annoying issue where you would get prompted to update the firmware on a WEMO that isn't plugged in.  Can't update it if it isn't there so now you won't be bugged about it.


Finally we made some Link improvements:


• Overall accuracy has been improved for LEDs in both local and remote mode.

• Reduced LEDs lagging behind other WEMO devices in appearing in the app.


Hopefully this should improve the experience for all of you that use the WEMO Link and its associated lighting products.


Now, we hope that this release will improve the WEMO experience for the vast majority of you out there.  Our beta testing results were very positive and the testers had a lot of great feedback about the App.  We know though that not everyone has the same setup and may have a different experience so I am starting this thread to get your feedback on your experience with the App update.


We welcome all feedback whether positive or negative.  If you run into an issue please provide details about your setup that we can use to find out happened and make sure it gets fixed.  


I hope this release helps fix some issues that you guys are experiencing and look forward to all the feedback you have to provide.



Robert S.

Belkin Technical Support


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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

[ Edited ]

Further to my suggestion that you make the products work (posted yesterday) it seems to me that one (of the many) problems is that there are no definitive instructions.


As I mentioned instructions (in the lid of the box) mention that the plug-in controller (for the smart light bulbs) has a button that needs pressing for 5 seconds while plugging in. Obviously this pairing makes sense but it is not mentioned anywhere else and it does not seem to work.


The other main problem is the relationship between the 'Wemo network' and the existing Wifi network. This is not clear (I admit I still don't understand it) and tends to screw up the smartphone unless you switch out of the Wemo one.


The Ap is completely counter intuitive too, Add Devices should start looking for new ones not just give you (incomplete) instructions.

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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience



Thanks for your comments. We truly appreciate them.  We recognize that our "onboarding" process can use some revamping, and we have our User Experience team already working on an alternate onboarding experience in the app to make it clearer what a user needs to do and why.


Your suggestion of the WeMo platform simply being able to find new devices without user action (the description of that action, which varies by product type, being the purpose for the instructional slides we currently present) is blocked by a technical limitation that is directly associated with the WeMo Network/existing WiFi Network rigmarole.  Having established that we can do a better job of walking a user through this during setup, allow me to provide some insight here:


In order for a WeMo device to do its thing, it has to join your network.  That means that it needs to know which of the networks it can see is yours and what the netwrok's access credentials are.  Since it has no way of knowing this, you need a means of communicating to it and providing it that information.  It has no interface of its own where you can input this information, so the next best thing is to allow another wireless client (in this case, the WeMo app on your smart phone or tablet) connect to it and provide that information to it so it can then join your network.  


So, each WeMo unit has two WiFi radios--one where it can broadcast its own presence during setup to allow your phone to connect to it to provide your home WiFi credentials, and one for it to join your WiFi network once it has those credentials (and subsequently to all its WeMo magic while maintaining a connection to your WiFi network).  When the WeMo device is first plugged in, it's in a pairing mode.  It automatically establishes an Access Point and broadcasts its presence in anticipation of your connecting to it with your phone or tablet to provide it your home WiFi credentials.  Once it establishes a connection to your home WiFi network, it turns stops broadcasting its Access Point.  You then switch your phone or tablet to connect to your WiFi network, where, when the WeMo app is initiated, it discovers the WeMo device on your network (and any other WeMo devices that have been paired to it).  Voila--everything is happy.


Is it convoluted?  Maybe.  But this is how more or less any headless client (a device with no interface of its own) is instructed to join a new network (check ChromeCast and Fire TV Stick as other examples).


Now, once you have your first WeMo on the network, there are some technology tricks we can employ to make it easier to connect subsequent WeMo devices.  This is something we've previously invested quite a bit of time on, but we've never got all the inter-network communications functioning in all the different potential network and firewall environments working to our satisfaction and quality standards and have put those efforts on hold.


In the meantime, I hope my explanation helps clear up what's going on during setup. I trust our User Experience team will be able to communicate these nuances more succinctly than I, but the takeaway is that you should look forward to a better onboarding experience that makes these things clearer during setup and first-time use in coming months.


Thanks again for your feedback.

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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

Personally I really think this update is really good. The app performs much better.

I'm curious if there is a new firmware version along with the update?
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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

[ Edited ]



The corresponding firmware release (builds 10061 & 10062, depending on the WeMo product in question) was made available before the holidays.  However, we restricted access only to users running the latest app at that time, WeMo 1.13.5 (or greater). If you are running 1.13.5 or 1.14, you should have 10061 & 10062 available to you to install, if you haven't already.


We are also preparing to make a new Link firmware available, 10114, tonight or tomorrow, which fixes an issue with the ability to update the firmware of bulbs connected through the Link.  Bulb firmware hasn't changed in quite some time and is currently on version 83 (though the firmware that shipped with a lot of the bulbs in our resellers' inventory is version 7E and should be updated to 83 upon first install).


If you're not receiving 10061 for our smart appliances and 10062 for our switches and 10114 for our Link and 83 for our bulbs, please respond here and we'll see if we can get your situation worked out.

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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

App does seem far more responsive than previous versions.

My only complaint.... device listing doesn't show up alphaphetically

I have a long device listing :-)

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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

[ Edited ]

Seems all of mine are in alphabetical order! Reorder them?

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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

Actually.. good point... I totally forgot about manual re-order... nix my complaint :-)
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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

Hi Tom_Hudson,

I'm on 10062. Everything is good here. My assumption was that an app update also brought on a firmware update.

Keep up the good work!
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Re: Tell us about your iOS WEMO App 1.14 experience

All of my lights (5 bulbs in 3 groups) are now unresponsive since upgrading. The app also does not see my hub and my bulbs blink randomly. As usual I'm regretting not going with Phillips since these lights are a headache every time you guys offer an update