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Timer with always on

Is it possible to setup your Wemo switch to have two 'rules'.  One rule where when you press the swtich it would run a timer and if you long press the switch it would stay on until you press the switch again to turn off?




I have a Wemo switch installed for my garage lights, and the switch is setup with a 5 minute timer rule.  So when the switch is toggled ON, the 5 minute timer starts, and then the light turns off.  
I also have a motion sensor camera setup in the garage, and when it detects movement, it toggles the Wemo switch (via IFTTT) and the garage lights come one (on the timer).  This works perfect for when someone enters the garage or if the garage door is opened and it is all lit up.


I would like to be able to do is to override the timer by long pressing the switch so that the lights stay on, if I am going to be doing any work in the garage for an extended period of time.  ...without having to go into the app each time to disable/enable the timer rule.  

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Re: Timer with always on



Each Wemo device can have multiple Rules set to control it, but you can only set 1 Long Press Rule at a time. This rule is also limited to work with the Wemo Light Switch and Dimmer. To better walk you through on setting multiple rules on your Wemos, here's your link to refer: http://belkin.force.com/Articles/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting_and_Tutorials/Getting-to-know-the-WE...

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Re: Timer with always on

For anyone using AutomationManager (or interested in doing more advanced automation at home) this is a key feature - when adding a new rule choose "Motion Rule".  A new rule is created to support motion functions (that you can further customize).


When triggered by a device (usually wemo motion but could be any sensor - I use the motion detectors from my security panel) the target devices (lights) are turned on.  If not on, or already on the timer, your delay-till-off timer will be (re)started.  This keeps the light from being turned off after a few minutes and needing new motion to start again (frustrating in a large room/basement).


The second feature is the ability to override the timer.  If the target switch is turned on manually before any motion (or turned off and then back on) the delay timer is cancelled and the switch will remain on until you turn it off.  Handy if you're not moving around the room.


Finally I've integrated with IFTTT so you can create actions from other devices including a wemo long press so you can use a long press to cancel any delay timer to again leave the lights on until manually turned off as per the OPs original request.

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