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Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

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I rarely now have any outages.   It has probably been a month since one needed to be power cycled.  IIRC it was after a firmware update.


I have the following setup in two locations:


MY WEMOS: (3)Insight / (19)Standard / (5) Motion / (23) Light Switches /(3)Makers / (3) Holmes Smart Air Purifiers / (1) Wemo Crockpot / (2) Wemo Links w/22 bulbs


One site has around 60 or so devices and the other has 21. 


Here are some things or devices I have that have seemed to create stability.  Some of these may have no impact but just throwing them out there.


• My routers haven't locked up in ages.  I use an Airport Express, an older Cisco Linksys 610,  (2)Cisco Linksys E1200's and one Cisco Linksys E2100L.  One site runs Channel 1 & 11 and the other is 1,6,11


• DHCP reservation is setup for all Wemos.  I monitor them all with ping every 30 seconds with a network monitoring product.

I have noticed when I open the Belkin App that sometimes some Wemo's will drop off for a short 20-30 seconds and come back.   I only see this behavor when I open the app.


• I dedicate my site Wemo's to their WAP running at 2.4Ghz.  At home I run clients off of 5Ghz.  At my other site I have one WAP that is only for clients.  I know hidden SSIDs aren't much of anything these days for security but mine are all hidden so no issues running that way.


• I make sure that Wifi signal strength to all Wemos is strong.  If not I would deploy another WAP


• I run WemoManager/WemoRemote at both sites as well as my tag managers.  Over 100 rules are setup.


• I also utilize the Mac QuickSwitch app, the Tag manager app and the WemoManager web interface to control the Wemos from non-Android devices


• 72 minute DHCP lease time


• Speakeasy and Google servers for DNS


• I do have Upnp enabled on my Wifi routers


• I run an "N" only network.  No mixed


If I can think of other things I will edit and add them in.



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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

I think that's all great, but the average wemo user shouldn't have to do all of this or have this level of knowledge to create a stable environment. They should work right out of the box (or right being after downloaded)
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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

Yep, more than a few bugs in the implementation.  I'd be more understanding if they were open about it rather than telling everyone it's 'cause their router is set to the wrong channel...


A wifi key renewal of around an hour seems helpful too, forces the wemo's to reconnect should their connection get hung up (as it does occasionally).



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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

I am running key renewal at an hour as well.




- AP Isolation disabled


- Frame burst disabled


- Basic / N Transmission Rate / CTS Protection Mode - all on Auto


- Beacon interval:  100 milliseconds


- DTIM Interval:  1


- Fragmentation Threshold:  2346


- RTS Theshold:  2347

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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

I've now added a couple heaters, additional switches & motion detectors as well as some more Makers. Over a 100 devices now and things are running fine. I did have to replace one of my old Wifi routers.

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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

Why should I have to do any of this?  I'd like an answer to one simple question that has yet to be answered, and here it is:


1) Why does every networked device in my house work flawlessly (Sonos, TV's, Thermostats, Refridgerator, tablets, computers, phones, laptops, Harmony Ultimate One, printer, etc...) EXCEPT WEMO.  I don't have to read and implement a list of "tips" to get all those other devices to work, why WEMO?


I think that's a fair question.  Does anyone care to answer it?

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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

Hi DarqMan,


I agree with you!

The WeMo is suppose to be easy to setup for an average technical DIY person. Some people have with 50-60 WeMo devices connected hence serious cash and time invested. I would be really upset!


Belkin should be more concern about their reputation if they truly want these products to last and be taken seriously.

The reliability I just don't think it's there with WiFi as a protocol. I wouldn’t connect anything important like heaters, HVAC's, pumps etc. to these devices. Who knows, they may not turn off at all or turn on at some random time.


Perhaps we have just been so desensitized when things don't work as advertized. (You can blame the cell phone providers for this as they started this trend. "Oh well, I just lost connection", "can you hear me now", etc. etc....)


I have a lot of stuff like you listed connected to my WAP and they also loose connection once in a while. Some more than others! Perhaps you just don't notice it or it's so easy to re-connect that it's no big deal?


Some of the people on this forum seem to have much better understanding of WiFi networks than the WeMo developers.

Some of these bugs are just silly and that they release a product without testing properly is just ridicules.

Perhaps that's why Belkin don't have any real support for their SDK or an API. They are afraid of looking incompetent! But they already do and they don't seem to have any plans to change.


This is why this will remain a hobbyist product only, that’s for people that have decent knowledge about WAP and how they work.


C’mon Belkin! Go hire some people that know what they are doing and can run proper testing suites.

My two cent..or three!


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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

Happily running all of my devices with WemoManager. Reliability isn't an issue for me.

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Re: Tips for creating stable Wemo environment

I agree 100%. App is so unreliable. Some devices show up at various times. The system worked great until the last firmware update. Would NEVER recommend this system