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Registered: ‎10-08-2018

To anyone having trouble with wemo switches after switching to Google WiFi [x-post r/googlewifi]

I had a Verizon FiOS router that I replaced with a Google WiFi. When I went to reconnect my wemo switches to the Google WiFi after I turned it on, I wasn't able to see the switches at all, even though they successfully connected to the WiFi.

It turns out that the wemo remote access feature is bound to a specific WiFi network, so if you switch routers your switches just may not show up even if they connect successfully.

The workaround here is to go into the wemo app, tap the gear icon to go to settings, then tap remote access. Tap "forget and disable", then reenable remote access again on the network your wemo switches are connected to. You should be able to see the wemo switches again once you do that.

Hope this helps anyone else facing these issues!