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Re: Two or more devices?

Ness_Y got it... I didn't realise it would be quite so pedantic to need the EXACT same network to connect to (I have 5 for this house and it's occupants...) so once all devices were connected to the same one, it appeared as I thought it should.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, now to complete total house automation with the rest of the Belkin family lol
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Re: Two or more devices?

[ Edited ]

I get to the exact same point - screens and all.  I have one network.  I have Wemo app setup on my iPad and controlling Wemo Switches.  Everything is working fine. Then, I attempted to setup the Wemo app on my iPhone (a second device) and I get the same screens and sequences described by Thegurio.  The app on the iPhone will not allow me past these screens and does not detect the swiches (that can be managed on the iPad).  So, my issue is not identifying the correct network;  I only have one.  Any other issues that I should look for?  Thanks.