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Two routers - wemo switches reset

I have two routers and decided to move my wemo switches from one to another. I did the factory reset for each one and reinstalled to the other wifi. In order to control my switches away from home, I have remote access enabled. After I do that to my newly selected router , the app changes it back to the old router name, so it won't control my switches when away and not my phone not on my home network. Such a pain changing routers. So much easier with my WINK system. Phone support just said to use app on my iPad and change the router name for enable remote and that would fix my problem . Made no sense to me. Ready to replace all my wemo switches with more wink devices.
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Re: Two routers - wemo switches reset

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Re: Two routers - wemo switches reset

Appreciate the feedback, ghoofie. During the setup, it may be best to un-check the Remember Wi-Fi Settings option in your case. The networks should be of different names as well. 

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: Two routers - wemo switches reset

I did all that. I think I read somewhere that WEMO needs to remove the original SSID from a file that is online ?