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Unable to Add WEMO Mini

I am able to connect to the new device (identified as "Wemo.Mini.25F"), enter the name of my WIFI network, select WPA2, and then enter my 18 character password which is something like 3FT291PPWT#$%!@5j7 .  This fails with the error "We're sorry, but wemo currently doesnt support passwords that contain any of these charagters:  , <space> `  ".  None of the unsupported characters are in the password.


Do I just have a bad device?  Firmware maybe not up to date?  What should I do?

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Re: Unable to Add WEMO Mini

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Hi there! If the same password error will occur when using multiple devices with the updated version of the Wemo App, then let's try to force close the app, clear phone cache, or uninstall/reinstall the app for isolation. You can also do a hard reset and restart the setup process if the same thing happens after trying the steps above. 


BTW, what is the LED status of the unit so we can have a better understanding of its current state? 

Carl_S 21985
WEMO Technical Support