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Registered: ‎06-28-2018

WEMO App Stability on IOS

The current version of the WEMO app (1.19.1) is better than it was, but all too frequently it still freezes, usually followed by a crash. On restart, it loads up and I can control devices ok. 


When a freeze/crash occurs, it just dramatically increases the time to check on and to control a device and is frustrating.


I have multiple switch controllers, controlled LED lights and lights that are on a motion detector. So I'm using the app multiple times per day.


It should be bullet-proof, and the application should not freeze while it sorts out communications with the various devices. All that should be in background threads, that can reset as needed and update a status indicator on each device. 


The app should not crash under normal circumstances.


Looking forward to the next version.



Steve Lewin